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  • Latest Department News

    UVA Day of Reflective Dialogue-August 12

    In light of this Saturday's "Unite the Right" rally, the University is offering a day of events displaying its commitment to mutual respect and inclusion. If you are looking for an event to attend, consider coming on grounds to participate in a day of reflective dialogue. Please visit the following link for a full list of sessions that will take … [Read More...]

    DGKs explained: Congrats to Caroline Franks!

    Caroline Franks, a graduate student, co-authored an article, The Ligand Binding Landscape of Diacyglycerol Kinasaes,  by Dr. Ku-Lang Hsu, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at University of Virginia, that was recently published in Cell Chemical Biology. The research presented in the article will soon be highlighted on the ASBMB Lipid Corner website … [Read More...]

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