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    Pharm Trainee Spotted at Tom Tom Festival

    Guess who we found at the Tom Tom Festival? Kelley McQueeney, Pharmacology PhD student in John Lazo's lab,  was invited to present her poster on "Inhibition of a Phosphatase as a Novel Treatment for Colorectal Cancer" at UVA Public Days as part of the Tom Tom Festival. Public Day is an opportunity for the public and the University community to see … [Read More...]

    NIH Career Symposium: 5/6/2016

    The Graduate Biosciences Society (GBS) is partnering with the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs to provide transportation to the 9th Annual NIH Career Symposium on Friday, May 6th!  NIH Career Symposium Details: The 9th Annual NIH Career Symposium aims to highlight the diversity of career choices available to our generation of … [Read More...]

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