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    New Research from the Zhu Lab May Lead to Medications Without Side Effects

    Exciting new research from Julius Zhu's lab reveals a way to manipulate molecules that may lead to medications without side effects! These findings were published in Neuron: Zhang L, Zhang P, Wang G, Zhang H, Zhang Y, Yu Y, Zhang M, Xiao J, Crespo, Hell JW, Lin L, Huganir RL and Zhu JJ (2018). Ras and Rap signal bidirectional synaptic plasticity … [Read More...]

    Kudos to Ben, Mitch and Adam: 2018 WFA Recipients!

    The Pharmacology Department would like to send out huge congratulations to Ben Holloway (Neuroscience Grad Student in Patrice Guyenet's Lab),  Mitch Granade (Pharmacology Grad Student in Thurl Harris's Lab) and Adam Borne (Pharmacology Grad Student in Ku-Lung "Ken" Hsu's Lab) for being one of the 14 BIMS students to receive this year’s Wagner … [Read More...]

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