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Julius Zhu, Associate Professor of Pharmacology lead the team at the UVA School of Medicine that created a new technique that will let a single cancer research lab do the work of dozens, dramatically accelerating the search for new treatments and cures. In addition to benefiting cancer research, the technique will also benefit research into every disease driven by gene mutations that will enable customized treatments for patients in a way never before. Congratulations, Dr. Zhu for this ground breaking achievement in research! Click here to read the full article.

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CVTG alumni and Pharmacology graduate student in Brant Isakson’s Lab, Leon DeLalio, received the Notice of Award  for his F31,(“Alpha1-adrenergic Pannexin1 activation is mediated by SRC family kinases),” today. In addition to receiving the NOA, Leon just returned from Orlando where the National Kidney Foundation flew him down to present his work on pannexins in the kidney. There he received 4th place on his presentation at the National Kidney Foundation Annual Meeting among all other fellows, graduate students and post docs. Excellent job Leon! Please be sure to congratulate Leon when you see him for his outstanding accomplishments!

If you haven’t made plans to attend the March for Science in Washington, DC, now’s the time! In addition to the local march, the Cville March for Science will be taking three buses to Washington, DC this Saturday, April 22, 2017. Buses will leave from Scott Stadium at 6AM and return in the evening. Seats are $20 for students and postdocs and $50 for everyone else.  For students and postdocs that need financial assistance in paying the fee, please contact Dan Engel @

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The National March for Science:

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The VirginiaCancerRx  Symposium will be held May 30, 2017 – May 31, 2017. The Symposium follows the VaDDC’s successful VirginiaBrainRX meeting in Richmond, and will focus on current challenges and opportunities in drug discovery and development in cancer. The meeting will include keynote addresses from national leaders in the academy, industry and foundations. Researchers from within the Commonwealth will also present their work in oral and poster sessions.  The registration deadline for this event is May 1, 2017.

For more information please visit the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium website or contact John Lazo at

Please see following message from David S. Wilkes, Dean of UVA School of Medicine:

If you have ideas, concerns and/or a vision for UVA during the decade ahead, please plan to attend a special listening session and share your thoughts and perspective on Thursday (March 30) from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. in Leonard Sandridge Auditorium, McKim Hall.


Open to all Health System team members, the listening session will be facilitated by members of the University’s Presidential Search Committee. During the session, you will be encouraged to share your ideas and to identify the factors and personal attributes you think are important in selecting the next UVA president.


If you cannot attend the listening session and would like to contribute your ideas or participate in another outreach event, below is a list of other ways you can participate in the Presidential Search.



Date: Thursday, March 30

Time: 4:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Location: Leonard Sandridge Auditorium (McKim Hall)



L.D. Britt, MD, MPH, member of the UVA Board of Visitors and chair of the Medical Center Operating Board

Margaret “Mimi” Foster Riley, chair of the Faculty Senate and Professor of Law, Public Health Sciences and Public Policy


Other participation options:

Visit the presidential search website

See when and where additional outreach events are scheduled here.

Share your thoughts by accessing a brief survey here.

Send an email with any input that you might have to

Nominate someone for the position by forwarding that nomination to the recruiting firm of Isaacson, Miller at



The GBS Symposium will take place this year on Thursday, April 20th. Each year, GBS will showcase the research of graduate students in BIMS, Biology, and Chemistry in a lunchtime poster session. This year, in addition to research being done in UVA labs, they are also including presentations describing various experiences or cool projects you are working on (ex: internships, consulting projects with companies outside of UVA, etc). Are you interested in presenting your research? GBS is currently accepting poster submissions for this poster session! The poster session will run from 12-1:30, with lunch provided. Faculty judges will adjudicate the posters, and awards will be given to the top three presentations. Posters may be full sized (no wider than 48 inches) or printed panels. We highly encourage everyone to consider signing up. Click here to access the form.

Please send in your poster submission by Thursday, April 6th.

The Pharmacology Department would like to congratulate Sarah Gray(Eugene Barrett’s Lab) for receiving the 2017 Pharmacology Outstanding Graduate Student and Robert Haynes Award!  This award recognizes a graduate student who shows exemplary scientific merit and productivity. The winner of this award is nominated for the Michael J. Peach Award and the Jill Hungerford Prize, both of which are presented at the annual GBS Symposium.

Please go out and support Ms. Gray at the GBS Symposium on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

Jony Kipnis, Chair of Neuroscience and PSTG preceptor and researcher Sachin Gadini was featured in the article “Unknown Solders: UVA Discovers Powerful Defenders of the Brain,” of UVA Today for his lab’s discovery last year that the brain and immune system are directly connected via vessels long thought not to exist.

The Pharmacology Department would like to congratulate Dr. Kipnis and his lab for the discovery of this unexpected link and, as UVA Today put it “game-changing” accomplishment!



Guess who’s a BIMS Finalist in the UVA 3MT Competition on March 1? You Guess it- Sarah Gray! Lets cheer her on as she bolts through this completion like she bolted through the C’ville 10-Miller!

Sarah Gray (Pharmacology), Kathryn Kingsmore (BME), and Kelley Virgilio (BME) are among the 8 finalists for the 5th Annual UVA Three Minute Thesis Competition.  They were selected from 40 PhD candidates representing 5 UVA schools who competed in the preliminary competition.

The Pharmacology Department had two winners of the UVA 3MT Competition in previous years; Eric Greenwald (Jeff Saucerman’s lab) was the 2014 Audience Choice Winner for his video “Scaffold Proteins: (un)leashing efficient communication” and Lindsey Brinton (Kimberly Kelley’s lab) was the 2013 Competition Winner for her video “Catching Tumors in Their Webs.”

This year’s finalists will compete next Wednesday (March 1) from 3-4PM in the auditorium of the Special Collections Library (Harrison Institute and Small Special Collections Library).  The competition will be followed by a brief reception and awards ceremony.

Everyone is welcome, so please go out and attend this event to support Sarah “Cville 10-Miller” Gray  in this challenge!

Last year the Graduate Biosciences Society hosted their first Student Image Competition. Due to its success and popularity, they are bringing it back! In an effort to showcase the scientific creativity and artistic eyes of the students, the winning pieces will be printed and put on display in the Biomedical Education Classroom. These entries may be as creative as you choose – from original productions to creative presentation of data, microscopy, and beyond. If you’re looking for inspiration, look here! Or perhaps check out last years’ winners (on the left)!


The competition is open to all students and entries will be judged anonymously by peers and faculty at the GBS Symposium on Thursday, April 20th. The deadline for submission is Friday, April 14th!


Contact Molly Kelly-Goss ( for more information.