Seminar Series

"Chemical and Physical Signals of Wound Detection" by Philipp Niethammer, PhD

[Pinn 1017] Hosted by Bimal Desai, PhD, Philipp Niethammer, PhD, is a Professor at the Sloan Kettering Institute, New York, NY The Niethammer Lab studies the chemical and physical mechanisms…

"Nuclear Receptors, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism"-2021 Joseph Larner Memorial Lecture in Pharmacology by Mitch A. Lazar, MD, PhD

[PHCC Conference Center] A lectureship was established to honor the memory of Joseph Larner, who served as Professor and Chair of the Pharmacology Department for many years. During his time…

Pharmacology Seminar by Xue Han, PhD

[Pinn 1017] Hosted by Julius Zhu, PhD, Xue Han, PhD, is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering Department College of Engineering and Rajen Kilachand Center for Integrated Life Sciences &Engineering,…

Pharmacology Seminar by David Moore, PhD

[Pinn 1017] Hosted by Irina Bochkis, PhD, David Moore, PhD is a Professor of Molecular Biology at the Nutritional Sciences and Toxicology at UC Berkeley. The Moore laboratory studies the…

Subcellular B Adrenergic Receptor and Phospholipase C Signaling in the Heart by Alan Smrcka, PhD

[Pinn 1017] Hosted by Zheng (John) Fu, PhD, Alan Smrcka, PhD, is a Professor of Biochemistry, Pharmacology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI The Smrcka Lab studies mechanisms for cellular…

Pharmacology Seminar by Paul Titchenell, PhD

[Pinn 1017] Hosted by Michelle Bland, PhD, Paul Titchenell, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Physiology, Perelman School of Medicine, Smilow Center for Translational Research, UPenn, Philiadelphia, PA The Titchenell…