Journal Club Schedule

Spring 2021 
(12:00 noon, via Zoom)

Session I (Independent Research Presentations)
February 16: Mitch Granade
February 23: Philip Seegren
March 02: Adam Borne
March 09: No Journal Club-Spring Break
March 16: Elizabeth Gonye
April 27: Andrew Heindel

Session II (Mentored by Dr. Stephen Abbott)
“Role of dorsal raphe serotonin neurons in sleep-wake behavior and arousal”
March 23: Sofia Gasperino
March 30: Binita Rajbanshi
April 06: Caitlin Pavelec
April 13: Greg Busey

Session III (Mentored by Dr. Bimal Desai)
April 20: E. Blaire Towers
May 04: Katriel Cho