Journal Club Schedule

Fall 2017 Schedule
(12:00 noon, Pinn Hall, Room 5023)
*Lunch provided to participants only
(first come, first served while supplies last)*

September 12:

Special Presentation by,
Dr. Ruth Stornetta, “Practical Stats: Using PRISM and G*Power

Session I
“Mitochondrial Ca2+ Signaling” (Mentored By Dr. Bimal Desai)
Sept 19: No Journal Club
Sept 26: Adishesh Narahari
Oct 03: Philip Seegren
Oct 10: Adam Borne

Session II
“Recent Trends in Antibiotics”(Mentored by Dr. Kevin Lynch)
Oct 17: No Journal Club-
Exam Week)

Oct 24: Mitchell Granade
Oct 31: Clint Upchurch
Nov 07: Katelyn Ahern

Session III
“Cardiac Metabolism and Heart Failure”(Mentored by Dr. Thurl Harris)
Nov 14: Brittany Martinez
Nov 21: No Journal Club
       (Thanksgiving Holiday Week)
Nov 28: Ellen Mintz
Dec 05: Jeffrey Brulet


Spring 2018 Schedule
(12:00 noon, Pinn Hall, Room 5023)