Journal Club Schedule

Spring 2017 Schedule
12:00 noon, Pinn Hall, Room 5023

Session I
“Energy Metabolism in Mouse and Human Regulatory T Cell”(Mentored By Dr. Gilbert Kinsey)
Feb. 28: Caroline Franks
March 7: No Journal Club (Spring Break Week)
March 14: Ellen Mintz
March 21: Anne Carlton

Independent Research Presentation

March 28: Jennifer Pearson

Session II
“Pharmacology Bedtime Stories”(Mentored by Dr. Mark Beenhakker)
April 4: Katelyn Ahern
April 11: Brittany Martinez
April 18: No Journal Club(GBS Spring Symposium on April 20)
Session III
“Novel Endogenous Regulators of TRP Channel Activity”(Mentored by Dr. Swapnil Sonkusare)
April25: Adisdesh Narahari
May 2: Jeffrey Brulet
May 9: No Journal Club(BMG Symposium on May 8&9)



Fall 2018 Schedule
(12:00 noon, Jordan Hall, Room 5023)