Harris Lab

As part of the Department of Pharmacology, the Harris Lab investigates how adipose responds to anabolic and catabolic hormones to regulate whole body metabolic homeostasis.

We also study the biochemistry and cell biology of enzymes that control adipocyte triacylglycerol synthesis and breakdown.

Metabolic Interest Group

Monthly meetings discussing research in progress pertaining to the broad area of metabolism. June, 2021. The return of MIGs! UVA policies now allow us to begin in person meetings.
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Regioisomer-independent quantification of fatty acid oxidation products by HPLC-ESI-MS/MS analysis of sodium adducts

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Adipocyte lipolysis drives acute stress‑induced insulin resistance

Both surgical injury and counterregulatory hormone (epinephrine) infusion profoundly stimulated adipocyte lipolysis and simultaneously triggered insulin resistance and hyperglycemia. When lipolysis was inhibited, the stress-induced insulin resistance and hyperglycemia were largely abolished demonstrating an essential requirement for adipocyte lipolysis in promoting stress-induced insulin resistance.
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