Ultra H2O system

Instruction on how to sanitize the PURELAB ultra water system

Material needed:

  • CT3 tablets (you will find it in the cabinet under the PURELAB ultra water system)
  1. Turn the PURELAB ultra off (left side bottom).
  2. Unscrew the filter that is connected to the hose. This will enable you to open the door.
  3. Open the blue front door.
  4. Remove the 2 cartridges by pulling up and back. Pay attention from each slot you are taking each cartridge out.
  5. Open the back of one sanitization block and put one tablet inside. You will find the sanitization block attached in the inside part of the door.
  6. Place the sanitization block containing the tablet in the slot of the left cartridge (slot 1).
  7. Place the other sanitization block without the tablet in the slot of the right cartridge (slot 2).
  8. Close the door.
  9. Turn the PURELAB ultra back on.
  10. Click on the check marks until sanitization starts. This will take about 54 minutes.
  11. Once is done the machine will beep.
  12. Turn off the PURELAB ultra again.
  13. Open the front door again and remove the sanitization blocks. Put them back in place (attached to the inside part of the door).
  14. Place the cartridges back. Make sure you place them in the same slot that they were before.
  15. Close the door and turn the machine back on.
  16. Click on the check marks. Now the PURELAB ultra water system is ready to use.