CO2 tanks

Instructions on how to change CO2 tank

 Material needed:

  • Big wrench (find it in the tool cabinet in room 4062)
  • CO2 tank cart (find it in the storage room – 4082)
  1. Close the valve (turn it clockwise).
  2. With a wrench unscrew the regulator.
  3. Place the CO2 tank “cap” back on and screw in place.
  4. Place a piece of tape on the tank with the word “Empty.”
  5. Remove belt and take the empty tank to the empty tanks location in the freezer room (4032) using the tank cart.
  6. Using the CO2 tank cart transfer a new CO2 tank to the tissue culture incubator. Place the full tank next to the incubator. Make sure to fasten the belt.
  7. Remove the CO2 tank “cap.”
  8. Re-attach regulator to the valve of the new tank. Screw it tightly using the wrench.
  9. Open valve with a half turn counter-clockwise.
  10. Check regulator to ensure adequate pressure (10 psi on the left screen and around 1000 psi on the right screen).
  11. Write down when the CO2 tank was changed on the log sheet located on the front of the incubator.