Laboratory Students Alumni and Almunae

Thesis Advisor, PhD Students

Ya-Yun Yang, University of Pittsburgh
“Regulation of Human Metallothionein Gene Expression in Cisplatin Sensitive and Resistant Cells” 

James Michael Rusnak, University of Pittsburgh
“Protein Kinase C Modulation of Higher Order Chromatin Cleavage in Apoptotic Androgen-Independent Human Prostatic Carcinoma Cells” 

Robert L. Rice, University of Pittsburgh
“Identification and Characterization of Dual Specificity Phosphatases Inhibitors” 

Donald R. Schwartz, University of Pittsburgh
“Bleomycin Hydrolase Knockout Mice: Creation and Phenotypic Evaluation” 

Alexander P . Ducruet, University of Pittsburgh
“Regulation of Cdc25A in Human Tumor Cells by Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2” 2004

Susana Montoya, University of Pittsburgh
“Evaluation of the Physiological Functions of the Cysteine Protease Bleomycin Hydrolase in Murine CNS” 2004

Pallavi Bansal, University of Pittsburgh
“Induction of Cdc25B Following DNA Damage: Implications for Cell Cycle Resumption and Tumorigenesis” 2007

Robert J. Tomko, Jr., University of Pittsburgh
“Cellular and Biochemical Regulation of Cdc25A by Nitrosative Insult” 2008

Peter R. McDonald, University of Pittsburgh
“Identification of Novel Potential Cancer Therapies by Synthetic Lethal Screening” 

Pierre E. Queiroz de Oliviera, University of Pittsburgh
“Elucidating the Role of Cdc25A in Hypoxia-mediated Cell Cycle Arrest” 

Yan Wang, University of Pittsburgh
“Uncovering the Biological Functions of Phosphatase of Regenerating Liver-2” 

Carolyn Kitchens, University of Pittsburgh
“Exploitation of siRNA Methodology to Identify Novel Anticancer Treatments” 2010

Mark W. Zimmerman, University of Pittsburgh
“Targeted Deletions of PTP4A3 Inhibits Colon Carcinogenesis and Angiogenesis” 2013



Jennifer Ahn, University of Virginia, 2012-2015

Alex Cheung, University of Virginia, 2014-2017

Paula Pekic, University of Virginia, 2015-2017

Bella Blanco, University of Virginia, 2015-2017

Jennifer Sachs, University of Virginia, 2017-present

Heather Struckman, University of South Carolina, 2017-present