Category: Recent Announcements

Graduate student Sumera Noreen departs


We were delighted to have Sumera Noreen, who is a graduate student at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of the Punjab in Lahore Pakistan, visit with us for…

Kelley McQueeney wins 2016 ASPET Travel Award


Graduate student Kelley McQueeney received a travel award for the 2016 Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego from the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. Congratulations Kelley.

Kelley McQueeney wins the 2015 Robert Haynes Award


Congratulations to Kelley for winning the 2015 Department of Pharmacology Robert Haynes Award

New Cure Alzheimer’s Fund Grant


We are excited to announce that we were recently awarded a new grant with George Bloom (Biology and Cell Biology) to seek new drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease.

Kelley McQueeney Fellowship


Kelley McQueeney received an 8th percentile on her NIH Predoctoral Fellowship on PTP4A3, which means it is very likely to be funded. This is a wonderful accomplishment. 

Discovery of a new Cdc25B inhibitor


We have recently published the results of studies seeking new small molecule inhibitors of the cell division cycle 25B dual specificity phosphatase (Cdc25B), which regulates the normal progression of the…

Academic Drug Discovery Consortium


The UVA Fiske Drug Discovery Consortium is now a member of the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium. See 

New Donations


We are please to announce the Fiske Family has provided a generous donation for the 2015 calendar year to support the work of the Fiske Drug Discovery Laboratory on research…