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The Ethics of Ethical Drugs


  Several weeks ago, I was talking to the University of Virginia’s Chair of Pharmacology, Doug Bayliss, about the cost of discovering new drugs and their ultimate cost to patients.…

Can Lassie Lasso a Cure?


The process of creating new drugs requires testing and retesting. Some of that can be done computationally as we develop faster computers and more complex algorithms. Some can be performed…

The Foundations of Drug Discovery


This is the first of a series of blogs that will discuss the history, challenges, excitement, and aspirations of drug discovery with a special emphasis on work being conducted at…

Kelley McQueeney Fellowship


Kelley McQueeney received an 8th percentile on her NIH Predoctoral Fellowship on PTP4A3, which means it is very likely to be funded. This is a wonderful accomplishment. 

Discovery of a new Cdc25B inhibitor


We have recently published the results of studies seeking new small molecule inhibitors of the cell division cycle 25B dual specificity phosphatase (Cdc25B), which regulates the normal progression of the…

Academic Drug Discovery Consortium


The UVA Fiske Drug Discovery Consortium is now a member of the Academic Drug Discovery Consortium. See