Newest Lab Member

Garnett Mingledorff just join our lab as a Laboratory Specialist. Welcome to the team!    

Beth Sharlow awarded an NIH supplemental grant

Professor Sharlow was notified by the NIH that her request for a supplement to her already funded NIH R01 grant (AG063400) entitled "A precision high content screening assay for Abeta-mediated…

COVID-19 Lab activities

Anna Mendelson and Duncan Hart in our COVID-19 attire.


We are pleased to announce that UVA undergraduate students Duncan Hart, Sruthi Jayaraman, and Kaylee O'Donnell graduated this Spring. Congratulations to them and thank you for your laboratory contributions.

Mehmet Murat Koseoglu New Position

We congratulate Research Associate Mehmet Murat Koseoglu, who will be moving to the Medical College of Georgia. We wish him well in his new position.

Elizabeth Sharlow Promotion

Elizabeth (Beth) R. Sharlow has been promoted to Professor of Research in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Virginia. We all send our congratulations to her for this…

Lab Members

Meet our current lab members: Danielle Llaneza, Duncan Hart, Anna Mendelson & Garnett Mingledorff.  

New NIH R01 Funded

Associate Elizabeth (Beth) Sharlow, Associate Director of the Fiske Drug Discovery Laboratory, has just received a $1.2 million R01 grant from the NIH to develop a precision high content screening…

Newest publication on PTP4A3

Read these newest papers from 2019.

Dr. Kelley McQueeney graduates

Kelley McQueeney successfully defended her PhD thesis and will graduate with her PhD from UVA this May. We wish her well in her postdoctoral studies at Harvard and the Dana…