Christ, George

George Christ

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Biomedical Engineering

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contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle cells. Animal vascular and visceral tissues are studied both in vitro and in vivo. Molecular
electrophysiological, pharmacological immunochemical
Website: and whole animal techniques (rat and mouse transgenics and knockouts) are all used to study the mechanistic basis for integrative tissue physiology. Parallel in vitro studies are conducted on corresponding human tissues for target validation whenever possible.

Research Interests

Functional Genomics

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Dr. Christ has a broad interest in muscle physiology, intercellular communication and the role of smooth muscle in the function and dysfunction of visceral and vascular tissues. Dr. Christ's research interests are in the area of Functional Genomics, that is, establishing a verifiable link between changes in gene expression and alterations in cell/organ/tissue function/dysfunction, and then using this information to improve the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of smooth muscle diseases/disorders. To this end, Dr. Christ has developed a multidisciplinary approach that utilizes various visceral and vascular smooth muscle tissues/organs to attempt to establish cause and effect" relationships between molecular/genetic alterations and measurable changes in organ function

Selected Publications