Irina Bochkis

Bochkis, Irina


  • BS, Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
  • PhD, Genomics & Computational Biology, University of Pennsylvania

Contact Information

PO Box 800735
1340 Jefferson Park Ave., Pinn Hall, Room 5030
Charlottesville, VA 22908
Telephone: 434-982-6752
Fax: 434-982-3878

Research Description

Our laboratory is interested in investigating how cellular processes govern proper metabolic function and how abnormal physiology leads to metabolic disease. In particular, we aim to understand genetic and epigenetic mechanisms regulating metabolism.
We are focusing on genome-wide chromatin changes underlying physiological dysfunction, which include chromatin accessibility, nuclear localization & dynamics, and genome organization. Our laboratory utilizes functional genomics, chromatin biology, physiology, and transcriptional regulation in a comprehensive approach to decipher molecular mechanisms in mammalian models of human metabolic disease.

Selected Publications